blackhole theory

I don;t know if this is proposed before, but would it seem natural the the universe is on a cycle.could it be possible that for another universe to expand one would have to cease . Would it be possible the teeny tiniest molecule coming out the end of a black hole in a different dimension possible create a big bang.

I have had this on my mind for a while , Much appreciation to replies.
Answer #1

Molecules don’t create black holes, but…

‘Empty Space’, as it turns out, it not so empty. It’s completely filled with what is now known as quantum foam - elementary particles coming into existence for brief periods of time by borrowing energy from the future - only to flash back out of existence in an amazingly short time period. Modern theory allows for energy to be ‘borrowed’ like this - although energy can not be created.

Theory does not limit how much energy can come into existence through this borrowing process. Some speculate that our own universe is nothing more than a quantum foam fluctuation - doomed to repay the piper in a future annihilation event. Under this model, the universe appears to be very old due to relativity, but from the vantage point of an observer ‘outside’ this universe, it’s a flash in the pan like all other quantum foam events.

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