Different kinds of chemistry helppp big test tuesday!

What is organic, inorganic, physical, bio, analytical and pure chemistry?

Answer #1

Organic deals with the chemistry of all carbon compounds except for the oxides (ie CO, CO2, [CO3]2-)

Inorganic deals with the chemistry of all compounds except carbon containing compounds with the exception of CO, CO2, [CO3]2-.

Physical chemistry is mainly the application of chemistry to industrial processes (e.g. Frasch process or contact process to name some) and factors affecting the rate of reactions.

Biochemistry is the chemistry of biological processes like looking at the details of light or dark cycle of photosynthesis or DNA replication.

(Not too sure about this one) I think pure chemistry is just chemistry for the sake of chemistry. It’s not concerned with applications to life or anything like that)

Answer #2

Organic: do with elements found in the body - carbon, oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen. Inorganic: I think everything else? Physical: not sure. Biochemistry: chemistry relating with biology - such as atoms found, what membranes are made of, stuff like that.

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