What caused the Big Bang?

I am just wondering what caused the Big Bang. How can an atom expand into a universe millions of light years wide (at that time) in a Decillionth of a second. How can one atom expand a Quattordecillion times the speed of light. I have learned that the laws of physics hold the same everywhere and at everytime in the universe. The fastest speed possible in the Universe is 186,000 miles per second, the speed of light. How did the Universe expand much faster than this in the Inflation. And also how did the first atom appear, and when did it appear? I am just curious how the Big Bang was created and what known physical force was responsible for expanding the Universe so fast. It seems to break the law of physics that states nothing can travel faster than the light.? Please tell me how this is possible.

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Your speaking of the big bang THEORY right. . . . . . Mans imagination made the big bang theory.

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The Big Bang theory depends on two major assumptions: the universality of physical laws, and the cosmological principle. The cosmological principle states that on large scales the universe is homogeneous and isotropic.

These ideas were initially taken as postulates, but today there are efforts to test each of them. For example, the first assumption has been tested by observations showing that largest possible deviation of the fine structure constant over much of the age of the universe is of order 10−5.Also, General Relativity has passed stringent tests on the scale of the solar system and binary stars while extrapolation to cosmological scales has been validated by the empirical successes of various aspects of the Big Bang theory.

If the large-scale universe appears isotropic as viewed from Earth, the cosmological principle can be derived from the simpler Copernican principle, which states that there is no preferred (or special) observer or vantage point. To this end, the cosmological principle has been confirmed to a level of 10−5 via observations of the CMB. The universe has been measured to be homogeneous on the largest scales at the 10% level.

Check this page out, it has A LOT of information about it: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Big_Bang

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The most current theory about the precursor to the big bang is an off shoot of the super string theory nicknamed the “M Theory” Which stands for the Membrane theory or Mother of all theories among other variations. You can google it. But in lay terms it basically postulates that two parallel universes collided at different points along their outer membranes creating many many more universes each with their own big bang that may have differing laws of physics.

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Those who think that God caused the big bang should ask themselves how God came into existence. Who caused God? If nothing caused him / her / it, why not also be open to the possibility that nothing caused the big bang? Anyway, it is a waste of time to look for the answer about what caused the big bang it does not contribute to scientific progress.

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Big Bang is False.

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Was no big bang. God made us.

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Many extremely large supernova explosions combined together to change the universe forever.

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