Did we evolve from apes?

Who thinks we evolved from apes?I do?!

Answer #1

a hypothesis can never be proved

Answer #2

“Maybe you guys did =P

But I and others were created in the image of God.”

Since when did religion have anything to do with SCIENCE? I believe you have the wrong forum

And as said, we did not evolve from apes, but we have a common ancestor

Answer #3

Yes, but not the type of apes that are around now.

Humans evolved from hominids, that evolved from earlier primates, that evolved from earlier mammals, that evolved from mammal-like reptiles, that evolved from amphibians, that evolved from protoamphibians (acanthostega), that evolved from ancestral fish…

…and all the way back to the single-celled organisms.

Answer #4

who cares really?…people have been fussing over it for years and what has the argument brought us just wasted time and words…oh and angry people like arachnid who needs to take a chill pill…

Answer #5

No, we did not evolve from apes. Just the idea of that is disturbing to me. I can’t understand why people actually have no problem saying they came from monkeys.

Answer #6

well I wouldnt say we are apes but we are considered primates. Its not my personal belief that we evolved as such from apes, our evolution has many features in common with a number of species and many genetic similaries with other species too. Im not saying we didnt evolve, I just dont think we started off as apes. Similar genetically perhaps, and with the same environment to adapt to at some point…

Answer #7

The Monkey Poem Three monkeys sat in a coconut tree, Discussing some things that are said to be; Said one to the others, “Now listen you two, There’s a rumor that certainly cannot be true – That man descended from our noble race, The very idea is a total disgrace!”

“No monkey ever deserted his wife, Starved her babies, and ruined her life! And you’ve never known a mother monk Leave her babies with others, - and bunk! Or pass them on from one to another, Till they scarcely know who is their mother.”

“Another thing that you never would see, Is a monk build a fence round his coconut tree, Forbidding all other monkeys from taking, For then they would all become thieves in the making! If I were to put a fence round my tree, Starvation would force them to steal from me!”

“Here’s another thing a monkey won’t do; Go out late at night and get in a stew, Using a gun, a club or a knife, To take some other monkey’s life! Yes, man descended! - the ornery cuss; But, brothers! - he didn’t descend from us!”

Answer #8

No, we did not evolve from apes. Just the idea of that is disturbing to me.

Fortunately, the universe does not revolve around what you find acceptable.

I can’t understand why people actually have no problem saying they came from monkeys.

I can’t understand why you think peoples’ personal taste has anything to do with how the world actually works.

And no, we didn’t “come from monkeys” - we have a common ancestor.

Answer #9

We evolved from a common ancestor - not ‘apes’ specifically.

Answer #10

thanks so ancestor?cool!

Answer #11

Maybe you guys did =P

But I and others were created in the image of God.

Answer #12

Actually, we are apes, and have a common ancestor with the other apes. :)

Answer #13

since they proved we evolved from a version of apes!its impossible to believe we were created from god just impossible!

Answer #14

You can’t understand the theory of evolution if you really believe the Earth is only 6,000 years old. Modern scientists believe the Earth is over 14 million years old. Evolution is a process that takes place over many hundreds of thousands of years. To the people saying why didn’t the jackal evolve into something else? According to the theory of evolution the jackal is evolving into something else, as is the modern ape, as are we, modern humans. All living things are in a constant state of adaptation, or change.

This is good, because our environment is constantly changing as well. You have to be able to imagine change happening slowly over hundreds of generations to understand the theory of evolution.

Incidentally evolution does not deny the existence of a higher power. The theory of evolution does not seek to answer the question of: Why are we here? Or: How did we get here? The theory of evolution only tries to answer how modern living creatures came to inhabit their current forms. You can believe in the theory of evolution and still believe in God. You could believe that God set the world up with evolution in it as a mechanism for life forms to adapt to a constantly changing environment.

Also, as for humans and modern apes, the theory of evolution doesn’t state that man evolved from modern apes, but rather that man and modern apes both evolved from an earlier life form, and that way, way back, we may have shared a common ancestor. You have to admit there are some remarkable similarities.

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