to evolutionists

what is it about evolution that you people find so fascinating? the fact that it isnt proven? the fact thats its only a theory that some guy thought up? Why cant you just accept that there IS a God and he created everything. If there is no God, then tell me, where did the very first peice of matter come from then? and how do you know God didnt make that little peice of matter? and if people evolved from apes, why do we still have apes now? wouldnt they all be people? You make very random accusations about God and the Bible. I wish I were wiser so I could find the words to really get to you. But im just a young man, none of youl take me seriously? thats ok, because in the end, you wont have to answer to me. Only GOD. please try to make a little effort to talk to someone that knows a lot about God. What do you have to lose? God exists. There is a Heaven. There is a Hell. There is a Devil. There are Demons. There are Angels. Please talk to a pastor. It really breaks my heart to see how many people refuse to believe in God. After everything He’s done for you.

Answer #1

I don’t know all the answers, I’m just a person.

EXACTLY. Nobody knows. Here’s what we DO know…

It has been PROVEN that evolution occurs. It has NOT been proven that God exists. But proof of evolution DOES NOT disprove the existence of God.

Answer #2

Why would he limit our minds, if he made us in his own image? That’s a tad contradictory.

Or maybe he gave us free will, but made us stupid so that we wouldn’t question him?

That doesn’t sound like a very loving creator…

Answer #3

HAHAHAHAHAHA plenty of evidence points to evolution, NOTHING points to creationism! Man, I thought creationists were just a punchline, I had no idea people actually believed that!

Answer #4

“the fact that it isnt proven?”

Hi, my name is Neutral Ground. If evolution isn’t “proven”, as you say, how then is ‘creation’ proven?

Wrong category, by the way.

Answer #5

Hi, I’m matter. heres my friend life. what do you mean ‘is creation proven’? you here arent you? isnt that proof enough? theres a big floaty planet with AIR your living on. isnt that proof enough?

No… it isn’t. That is what we like to call ‘’evidence to support you BELIEFS’’ …not proof. And judging by the ‘’evidence’’ you’ve presented… you are very easily convinced.

the fact that it isnt proven? the fact thats its only a theory that some guy thought up?


Okay… before I make you cry… why don’t you explain what the word ‘evolution’ means to you; what exactly do you know about it?

Answer #6

how is that not enough?

Because you’re presenting it in a totally asinine manner. You’re saying that our existence PROVES God’s existence. Well, it doesn’t.

*ok, to me evolution means there was a little cell that eventually developed after millions of years into a human. there was a little piece of whatever it was that exploded and made the universe. the little piece of matter that supposedly wasnt created by God. and everything wound up to be what we have now.

thats how that story goes isnt it?*


You’re mishmashing the ‘’Big Bang’’ theory, with the biological process of evolution.

Answer #7

he made us in his image, we have his shape, not mind.

Uh oh… so you think God looks human… and why would he need a shape and/or physical body anyway? You better check your church’s doctrines about that whole ‘’he made us in his own image’’ part. Many denominations don’t consider that to mean PHYSICAL.

and I don’t know why he limited our minds. ask a pastor.

I have… their answers always include the phrase, ‘’I’m not sure.’’

Answer #8

No… you’re not… you’re beliefs defy the very concept of God. And your ignorance would embarrass him.

Answer #9

He’s not a Christian… he’s just young and stupid…


Sometimes I really hate being right all the time.

Answer #10

Once again… you don’t KNOW… you BELIEVE…

And I hope your faith isn’t based soley on the existence of matter.

Answer #11

Whatever Christian you are, you certainly don’t have any tolerance or understanding of other people’s beliefs/non-beliefs.

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