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what is it about evolution that you people find so fascinating? the fact that it isnt proven? the fact thats its only a theory that some guy thought up? Why cant you just accept that there IS a God and he created everything. If there is no God, then tell me, where did the very first peice of matter come from then? and how do you know God didnt make that little peice of matter? and if people evolved from apes, why do we still have apes now? wouldnt they all be people? You make very random accusations about God and the Bible. I wish I were wiser so I could find the words to really get to you. But im just a young man, none of youl take me seriously? thats ok, because in the end, you wont have to answer to me. Only GOD. please try to make a little effort to talk to someone that knows a lot about God. What do you have to lose? God exists. There is a Heaven. There is a Hell. There is a Devil. There are Demons. There are Angels. Please talk to a pastor. It really breaks my heart to see how many people refuse to believe in God. After everything He's done for you.