How can I deal with being grumpy?

I woke up in a bad mood this morning. There really isn’t any reason for it, except that I’ve been kind of stressed out lately. Usually, a good workout will relieve the stress. So, I went for a workout–very long workout, but I’m still in a bad mood. I’m totally grumpy and irritable? Any solutions for how to deal with this bad mood? How do I get out of it? Argh. And, of course, the poor husband has to put up with my grumpiness.

Answer #1

Fake it! Your mind is a powerful thing and the power of suggestion works. Just tell yourself you are in a good mood. Do things with a cheery attitude and pretend you are in a great mood and it is the best day ever! If you are “faking” you are in a good mood, you won’t be denying your issues that are really going on and you can work on them at another time, yet you won’t be making everyone else, like your poor husband miserable. Maybe the reason for your bad mood is not clear at this time and you need to come back to it when you are better informed. In the meantime, while you are pretending you are in a good mood, you will soon forget you were even in a bad mood and you won’t be “faking” anymore. Don’t say you can’t. Never say that. You can say you are in a bad mood and it won’t go away. As long as you continue to say that, your are right. Next time, look in the mirror and decide to fake a smile and tell yourself you are in an awesome mood!

Answer #2

i was grumpy/sad/pissed off/ and wanted to die! when my dad passed away… i didnt want anyone around me, cuz if u made me mad, i would kill ya…something like that.. but yeah, u should spend some time with the one u love, and when u get angry just get away from everyone as soon as u can, maybe take a long shower and think about whats going on, try and relax…maybe that might help.

Answer #3

Spend some time with a person you really like and love ( preferably a female best friend or a sister who has a gentle and cheerful personality). You will enjoy the moments and forget your bad mood.

Answer #4

Just try to remember that it is not very good looking if your head is stuck up your butt!

Answer #5

Just remember that your butt looks much better if your head is not stuck in it!

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