which deal would you take

( ^_^ I like Making questions like these )

If death came to take your soul. before he Take it he said he will give you a deal. you can Become the angel of death. and Reap couple of 1000-90000 Souls. and he will grant you 100 more year of life.( but then it might be a trick). or you can have 1 wish. rule of the wishes are. no asking for your soul back. no asking for more wishes.( but then again he might turn your wish against you)

which one

I would choose the wish. and wish for I could live without my Soul. with no side affect of having no soul ( He can have my soul I can keep living )

Answer #1

I’d like to just die…I’ve been on this earth longer than many…lol

Answer #2

haha me too :)

Answer #3

Wait… Death is the Angel of Death. Do you mean to replace him? Id pick become the reaper so you pretty much are alive with out a soul forever. And you can grant wishes now. :)

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