How can I deal with this without changing who I am?

ok, like, this isnt really a question but.. everybody is always calling me emo and stuff just because I wear black and listen to metal and I have scene hair and stuff but its not true..emos not even a type of person, its a type of music…if you have the same dilema, can you help me deal without changing who I am?? btw, I didnt know what catagory to put it under..

Answer #1

I deal whit the same problem sometimes, is onl because I usually do the same stuff that you do, everybody steryotypes but we have to be strong enuff to just ignore them. The best thing you do is tell them that they are the ones who are, I mean they seem to know so much about it. Emo is not a pearson or anathing. I do wear lak whit everything, listen to metal and wear my hair in a in-my-face style but is just something that I like the look of it. Just ignore it and go on, I mean don’t chanche because of pressure, you are who you are and there nowone can budge in.

Answer #2

Don’t listen to the people trying to stereotype you. It’s so dumb how everyone does it. Don’t change anything about yourself, just be confident on how to look and how you portray yourself, and everyone will soon get over themselves and just leave you to be whoever you want to be. Hopefully. Other than that, you really can’t snap someone out of their ignorance so I guess you’ll just have to don’t care what others say.

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