whats the big deal about...

whats the big deal about weed ? like why do people do it ? why is it even illegal ? just wondering !

Answer #1

People smoke it because they think it will make them cool,but it doesn’t,it just makes them look really stupid. Also because they know its illegal and breaking the law excites them.

Answer #2

because people think its kool to get high and stupid but its bad, it ruins your brain cells and you will become stupid for reals and yea

Answer #3

I smoke because I like to, not to be “cool”. for me, it calms me because I have a tendency to be a very high strung person. I overthink everything and my mind is always racing so weed helps me slow my thought process.. it’s not for everyone, but it’s a personal preference..

Answer #4

because it feels so good in your brain

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