How do you deal with being an outcast/loner?

Answer #1

You become eccentric.

Answer #2

You find other loners and you go be loners with them. Then all of a sudden you have friends. :) Thats how i met my one friend Caroline. We were all social outcasts. Then she got way popular cuz she played the drums. But she always made sure i was included. :) cuz she remembers what it was like to be an outcast too.

Answer #3

All jokes aside, focus on your talents and what you are good at. We outcast/loners generally have a different perspective of the world and therefore we are better at certain things, focus on your positives.

Answer #4

haha, i am the same way. i love it, except when people come up to me and start talking -- i only have a few freinds, and i like to keep it small, because trust me… the less popular and less freinds you have, the less stressful your life will be ;) but you know dont be like completely anti-social o_o your the same age as me, so see if you can find a job, or something :D But if you really want to be known, join a club at your school, you know, like drama club, anime club, math club :DS whatever floats your awesome boat ^^ ill even be your freind if you want lol.

Answer #5

Personally? In incredibly self destructive ways. Here’s the thing. An outcast and a loner are two separate things. An outcast is someone who is shunned, while a loner chooses isolation. If you feel like an outcast, believe that it will not last forever, I swear high school will end and you will discover that you do not have to be surrounded by these small people. In the meanwhile, try and find others who are like you. There’s a huge world out there. If you like being alone, well there’s nothing wrong with that.

Answer #6

well i hve a job in the summer. i joined a school club but its pretty boring. my school is very clicky. theres popular guys and girls, soccer guys, drama girls, comic book people and losers who find friends in lower grade levels. im a floater and i sit between the comic book people and drama girls. I mostly just have some friends in each category but not in the popular section. Sometimes i feel like i have no friends and i dont fit in anywhere. my best friend for a year just moved away this summer to the other side of the world

Answer #7

thats the problem i dont choose to be alone and i am shunned by some people. i dont fit in. the school always says to include everyone but people dont listen because they have their groups

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