Daughter won't eat food with chunks

I have a 1 year old and she eats jarred food well and eats crackers, cheese, puffs, freeze dried apples but doesn't like diced fruits or cooked vegetables. I've tried feeding her sweet potatos mashed with carrots and she finds the carrots and spits them out. I tried to mash them the best I can but she still knows they're there. Then she gets mad and doesn't eat it. I also tried to put the diced fruit in her cereal with jar fruit and she does the same thing. I'm assuming she doesn't like the texture. I don't know how to get her to eat the chunkier pieces. Obviously, she's not ready. Any suggestions how I get her off the jar food or is it ok for them to still eat jar food? The Dr stresses that she eat table food. Hopefully this battle with texture is just a phase.

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My daughter really likes the gerber graduates pasta pick ups. They have 3 or 4 different types, each with either or both carrots and spinich. That might help her transition to table food and she won't even know it's good for her. She will also eat little pieces of chicken and turkey dogs with ketchup. Good luck.

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Naw, my daughter was the same way she hardly would eat anything at all it was sooo hard to even feed her at that age atleast your daughter is eating all the stuff you are giving her besides the chunks..my opinion is that it is okay to just keep feeding her the jar food... maybe like when she is sleeping get some apples or something and grind them up with one of those food grinders then empty and wash out one of her baby jars and put it in there she might not notice but I think those jar baby foods are okay cause she is still young yet I wouldnt push her soo much I would keep trying alittle and just wait until she is ready. hope this helps good luck!!

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shes probuly just really picky when I was a baby I wouldnt eat anything but bagels

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My 1 year and 11 old son is also a picky eater, he knows when I put something new in his plate. But I always keep on trying to introduce new foods, sometimes it is successful, sometimes it is not. It really takes a lot of patience, trying to know what will work best for your baby. I also found a helpful article on how to feed a picky eater, hope this helps.

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