Afraid of the Dark

How do I get over my fear. yep, I’m going to say it..I’m 14 and still afraid of the dark. Please don’t make fun of me!

Answer #1

dont be ashamed of being afraid. everyone has something their afraid of. im afraid of going outside alone at night. but to help you could sleep with alitle bit of light and as you get better with that amount of darkness slowly decrease the amount of light in your room till there is non or very little

Answer #2

It’s ok to be afraid of the dark I personaly don’t think it’s funny to be, you could have a nightlight, orhave a radio playing at night to calm you down while you fall asleep, or watch tv til’ you fall asleep, I admit im still afraid of the dark on certein occasions, that’s how I calm myself down. try it.

Answer #3

dw im 16 and im scared of the dark 2. (advice: dont watch ghost videos lol) sleep with a nightlight or your door open with a light on out there. there doesnt need to be a great deal of light just as much as your comfortable with. night.

Answer #4

My father is 67 and he’s afraid of heights. People have all kinds of fears…that doesn’t make you weird it makes you normal.

As ichibanarky said sleep with a nightlight, there’s nothing wrong with it.

Answer #5

Don’t worry I’m 16 and still find the dark scary at times.

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Answer #7

A lot of people are afraid of the dark - it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

why not try sleeping with a nightlight instead of just trying to break yourself of your fear…we can’t always change what we fear, but we can change our situations so that we don’t have to live in fear.

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