Cuter and differnt ways to put on eyeliner

How do you find cuter and different ways to put on eye liner?

Answer #1

dashing two shades over your eye lids and rubbing them together it looks so good

Answer #2

I am half asian, so I have asian eyes that are a bit more rounded. I find my eyes are my favourite feature of my body and so naturally, I like to draw attention to them (don’t you hate it when people don’t look at you when you speak?). Anyway, I stole two looks from a two different youtube videos by the same girl, but then I personalized them to suit my likings. (google: me putting on my make-up (gothic make-up) one) and then the same thing but two, and three. I choose to do the second one over all.

I find that using pencil and then going over it with liquid makes it stand out and stay on for a while. It also makes the lines more flush and neat. I do a thick line on the top lid and a thinner line to a thicker line on the bottom lid to make my eyes stand out more (my eyes are brown) also I use a billion litres of mascara (onlly maybelline two in one waterproof) it makes your lashes sooo much thicker it looks like they’re fake, or naturally fake. whatever.

Answer #3

subscribe to magezines like glamour and seventeen they have really good makeup advice and other helpful hints I personally prefer seventeen because its more targeted for teens and seems more relatable

Answer #4

I dont even know if there are any other ways to put on eye liner :P

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