Could my waterline or eye shape have something to do with the way my eyeliner looks?

I see girls that are whiter than me wearing eyeliner and it looks great, but then when i put it on i look gothic and it makes my eyes look all weird and i look foreign for some reason…Could it be the way my eyes are shaped or how my waterline is or something???

Answer #1

That could be the reason. Or, maybe you are not putting the make up on correctly.

Answer #2

Each person should wear their eyeliner differently than the next. I have tried to immitate the makeup i see on a model or even just a friend and it just doesn. look.right. lol The best way to think of it is this: The purpose of makeup is to A) hide blemishes and even your skin tone and B) accent your best features Since each person has different features, each person should wear their makeup according to their own personal face.

As for your eyeliner, if when you put it on it looks gothic, try putting just a small amount on the outer edge of your eye, not all the way around. Just a little on the bottom lashes from the corner of your eye to about where your pupil is if you stare straight ahead, take your finger and smudge it juuust a little in the direction of your nose to make it look natural , then repeat on the upper lashes. It will make sure your eyeliner accents the natural shape of your eye and looks natural.

Answer #3

Great answer! :-)

Answer #4

Thank you lol

Answer #5

its possible that its just the way your putting it on, you might not be lining it correctly or might be going too think. plus you dont have to outline the whole eye, you could just do the top line, or the outer corner of the eye

Answer #6

also if you cant put it on any thinner, use a cotton bud to wipe away soemof the excess eyelner to make it look thinner

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