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I'm tired of A&F, hollister and stuff.
I wanna take a break from it for a while.
where can I find cheap cute gladiator sandals?
I love them!
I like the style A&F etc. has to offer, but I just wanna take a break.
I took a look at wetseal & charlotte russe already, but I want companies who aren't expensive, but still very cute clothes.
ASIDE FROM forever21.

I'd appreciate it . (=
- <3

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its a website?
and wow thats good!

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payless target or walmart! I love them tooo!

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Go to "'the shoe gallery" they have really good shoes even some designer brands for really cheap prices. I got three pairs of shoes for $50 the other day.

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try walmart, kmart, target, different thrift stores. I am not joking, you could probably find some nice stuff cheap! Just don't buy it if it is stained or has holes. As to wether they are cute or not, I do not know. I don't think of clothing as cute, I just wear it.

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lol thanks I'll try that.
generally they have better things in the actual stores then online.
shopping online sucks, so I'll have to find the time to go to the different stores.
thank you (=

Where can I get cute, nice and fairly cheap clothing?

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