Where can i find cute preppy clothes without paying to much?

I need to go shopping for the spring but I want to cute preppy outfits my limit is 500, I'd like some shoes,assories,pants,shirts,shorts I want a very preppy look but I really dont wanna pay that much where I could go shopping at. I know hollister duh but I got there to much and I want somthing else,ae I really dont want to shop there,af I shop there all the time boring lolz, and aero they is just plan cheap. Got any suggestions???

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supre and jay jays if you have them in your country?

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platos closet?
my favv(:

Anyplace I can get cheap and cute skater or prep clothes?

ANSWER #3 of 3

Forever 21, H&M, Wet Seal, Urban Outfitters

Where can I get super cute clothes for cheap?

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