Where can i get super cute clothes for cheap?

My family doesn't have a lot of money and I just turned 13. All my friends can afford a bunch of clothes from abercrombie, hollister, designers, any where they want. They can also get juicy couture jewelry and stuff like that, and I cant afford that stuff. Plus I really like this kid named matt and I just want to look cute and fit in so he'll like me back. Thanks.

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forever 21, h&m, and TJ MAXX AND MARSHALLS. tj maxx and marshalls have really cute designer clothes but for a LOT less...(I even get some of my juicy shirts and purses from there)

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Rue21 is a great store to shop at as uhoh11795 said, or Forever21. h&m is awesome and pretty reasonable too. some of the shirts at forever21 are only $4 and theyre really cute and extremely trendy/stylish.

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you should try Rue21. they always have nice affordable stuff and plenty of clearance racks and I get most of my shirts there because on the clearance rack they're five bucks. also jcpenny's has pretty good sails especially when they're jeans are 6-qo dollars. hope this helped.

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Yeah, go on ebay or to a second hand shop. I have found some really good clothes at second hand shops. Who cares if its not new? If it looks respectably clean/nice, why not get it for 1/4 of the price!

You have to really dig and bargain hunt, but you can get some really good stuff.

Where can I find cute and inexpensive clothes?

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I'm in the same postion . I would sugest trying to get gently used clothes.The are twice as cheap and some consiment shops or something like that have branded new clothes that people just bought and it did not fit. Honestly thats the only thing I can think of . :]

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