Stores with cute clothes on a budget?

I need to buy some cute things for vacation some dresses to go out at nght where is a good store? I did all the big malls they dont have that much out

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Seriously...? You live in f'ing NY. How do you not know this. On top of this, you're on the internet, asking a bunch of kids and other ignorant folk about where to find fashion. You clearly have a good sense of fashion already. You would've been better off asking google. Side note:

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try those name brand store, like gucci and sh*t
I'm almost positive you'll find something there

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ya I think you should shop online, or go to ebay or something they have everything..

Cute stores?
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thanks a lot 4 yr answers I do hit these stores often

Clothing stores

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go to guess the clothes is awesome!

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um you can look online!!!

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