Where can i get cute and cheap clothes?

Where can I get cute (and cheap) shirts, jeans, skirts, and shorts?

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Check out silkfair.com, you will find good collection of clothes etc...

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american eagle(sale)
JC Penny's(sale
Rugged Warehouse
Plato's Closet

cute, cheap summer clothes!

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Where to get cheap hippie clothes?
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Wal Mart
Stitches or Urban Planet

What's a cute clothing store?

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I love K mart.

vintage cloths where to get them cheap?
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target :)

How to get cheap Abercrombie and Fitch clothes?

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well, there's this is this place called 2ubeautyand fashion.

Where Can I Get A Cute Cheap Mid Tote Bag At?

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hmmm rue 21 has some really cute stuff and they always have sales too

Where can i get cheap clothes from SuperDry make ?
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walmart target mervens

What stores sell cheap, but cute, jewelry and accessories?
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I think areopstale has some cute cloths, the sales their are amazing.. usually I look for not so big store around your city. Or thirf stores, if you're into that..
I love target but even there is getting expensive.

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