Who knows whether it is better to have a skinny or curvy butt?

I have a curvy butt… And I loved it! But… I have been getting hurtful remarks about it. Should I just keep the butt or lose it?

Answer #1

if you get comments just be all “well at least it’s good enough for you to see, where the hell has your butt fcked off too?” who wants to be a skinny seed pimp btch wiv no butt

Answer #2

If you like it keep it. Don’t change just because someone else doesn’t like. Be proud of the curves. :)

Answer #3

Be proud of what you have - I know lots of girls that would love to have a curvy butt.

Answer #4

well dont let what people say effect you go on with your business an don’t act like it boths you they will soon stop

Answer #5

are you kidding me…embrace your body…people are just jealous if they werent they wouldnt even notice it.forget them.like she said…thousands of women pay billions of daollars to get what you have…dont let it go.

Answer #6

Keep it! People are just jealous of you! No one really wants a flat butt, unless they’re a guy. Even guys’ sometimes want one!

Having a butt makes you look more lushious and feminine! Keep it! I love my curves and just think:

Some people are getting surgery just to have them!


Answer #7

u better keep your butt that what make you unique

Answer #8

yeahh umm find a black boy..dey like those kinds

Answer #9

I agree with lx, don’t lose your curves, just go with your flow.

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