Who knows whether it is better to be skinny or curvy?

is it better to have a skinny body or have curves? Sometimes I worry I’m a bit too curvy. I’m one of the taller girls in my grade, I’m about 5’8, and I wear size 8 or 9 pants. Is this bad? (Guys, please answer this too.)

Answer #1

Bieng curvy means your sexy take it from me..I mean why boys like shakira or byounce or alicia keys..am I right or what??

Answer #2

I am a chunky girl I have found some men like skinny some like curvy some like chunky, some like big big girls! It all depends on the men really! I was a size 10 and now I am a sizes 22 I know my husband loves me soo much I met him 3 years ago I was a size 18! He has dated skinny size 4 girls he like all sizes!

Answer #3

I’m 14 and wear a size 9 and I’m about AROUND 5’3…

Answer #4

all the guys i no perfer curves and i no alot a guys all different ages too if u have a guy friend ask him and hell most likely tell the truth

Answer #5

im 15, 5’9 weigh 8 stones, I’d kill for curves like dita von tesse or beonce! curves are amazing! :D

Answer #6

well it dependz 4 diff ppl…like sum ppl like bein in a size 1 or 0 cuz they like bein rully thin but i think it all dependz on how tall u r, how old u r, etc…but dont worry cuz u probably look ok. i think for how tall u r ur aight. =)

Answer #7

Personally I find that skinny women look better in fancy clothes while curvy women look better in lingerie, swimwear, jeans, or naked.

Answer #8

Boys like skinny - Men like curves. Curves are a good thing.

Answer #9

I think curves are gorgeous and I know a lot of guys and girls that prefer the voluptous built I mean if I had to choose a celebrity body it would be kim kardashian who I personally think is like the most gorgeous girl in the world(my opinion) but that doesnt mean skinny isnt pretty either I mean look at megan fox but still curvy is better

Answer #10

Ok first of your crazy love, your 5ft8 and a size 8-9 and you think your 2 curvy, as if your dead slim

as far as what prople prefer, im a guy and I prefer an average size 10 - 12, I think women care to much about there bodys and its fooking annoyin listening to them moan about there 1/2 an inch flab!

Answer #11

People have different taste out there..I am a curvasious woman as well…and I love my body I wouldnt have it any other way..the only part I exercise in my body is my waist..everything else can stay big..lol..Cause there aint nothing better than a beautiful curvacious/thick girl with a small waist..lol..so just love your body and be thankful that you have curves and not looking all deformed with no butt/hips/thick legs. Most Guys I Knoe prefer Curvasious women.

Answer #12

hey man curves are sexy but theres nothin’ wrong with bein skinny! right .. . ? at least I hope not!

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