What is the wildest or craziest thing you have ever done?

What is the wildest or craziest thing you have ever done?

Answer #1

haha, woo, I like this one =)

here is one of the many things: me and my brother put water dynamite in the toilet and blew it up >=)

Answer #2

I cussed out an old guy for hitting me with his cane. Made my friend eat doggie Fewd. ORRR Broke my moms car. Literaly. everything fell off. =]

Answer #3

havving a blond moment in 2007 and not looking wer I was going when riding a horse - and because ov that I fell off when I was goin over a jump - awch!!! ;;lol’’

Answer #4

when I was going home from collage I was near the way off the city so I drove in it and I left the city I came back home after 10 days

Answer #5

stole my manager’s car while he was on vacation. drove it to mexico (live in southern california). Partied for 5 days without sleep (thank you coke). Smuggled four pounds of free weed back across the border. Never got arrested.

Answer #6

I had sex with a tree when I was 18. It was in the middle of the day but nobody saw me. It was a Ponderosa pine, up in the mountains. I did it because tree hugging isn’t enough. If we really care about nature we should make love to the earth and not just love it.

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