Can i cover up my lip peircing with make up?. or is that too stupid?

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Makeup won't hide a piercing - it will just *colour* it.

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One it wont cover it up, two putting makkeup on top of a piercng that is still healing is going to cause an infection. You cant hide a facial piercing....its on yur face.

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no, makeup wont work, if it was a pimple yes, but its a ball sticking out of your flesh, so it wont work. its also likley to infect the area if its a new piercing, so it'll just make it worse. there really isnt anything you can do to hide an obviouse facial piercings. even the clear piercings (which you can only put in aftre 3 months of having your piercing to allow it to heal) re very obviouse and noticable. so it would have been better to wait untill your finnished school or untill your a bit older

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No. Use a clear retainer. Then you won't be able to notice it. :) ---Make up such as foundation can clog the hole and cause infection. ---It's happened to me

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