does getting your lip peirced hurt?

does getting your lip peirced hurt??

Answer #1

I got my tongue, eyebrow, and lip done easiest piercing out of all of em’ was my lip I don’t think it hurts that bad scale of 1-10 its like a 4 but hey that’s me… but the lip does get infected REALLY easy so you do have to clean it a lot.

Answer #2

yes obviously getting a needle stabbed through your flesh will hurt to soem dregree and it depends on your pain tolerance but it shouldnt hurt much

Answer #3

well it depends on your tolerence of pain I had 5 piercings and now only 3 but one of which I still have is my lip. It did not hurt it felt like a pinch but after ward it will hurt as does any piercing after you get it done you can see on of my pictures with my piercings on my profile I hope this helped if you have any questions funmail me

Answer #4

No I didn’t think it hurt at all

Answer #5

It did a little when I got mine, but I did mine myself…….

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