What are products that make your lips bigger (besides botox, etc.)?

Does anyone know if there are any lip treatments you can buy at the store that actually make your lips bigger? I’m not talking about like botox or expensive surgery stuff, but I heard that there were some cheap products out there that make your lips bigger, does anyone know what some of the product names are, where I could get them, or how much they are?? Thanks! :)

Answer #1

well this one is only temporarily but bright lipsticks do make your lips look bigger

Answer #2

nothing but surgery can permanently make them bigger the only product that can temporarily make them biggger are lip plumpers they tingle a bit but they temporarily make them a bit bigger for a few hours I use the ones from Maybelline and they work for me its called VolumeXLSeduction lip plumper and can be bought from places like priceline, k-mart, target, wallmart ect in the make-up section

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