How do I get rid of the smell of cooking fish?

Whenever I try cooking fish I realise that the fish I cook has a weird, turn-off-esque fishy smell. How do I get rid of the smell?

Answer #1

I understand that rinsing the fish first with cold water and then rubbing lemon on it before you cook it is supposed to help.

Also, from a long time ago, I seem to recall someone telling me that you should soak the fish in milk for awhile first to remove the ‘fishy” smell… but I have never tried that myself, and I don’t really know how true that is.

Answer #2

Try cooking it with lemon or with lots of pepper..

Answer #3

Cook it outside on a grill.

Answer #4

The only time fish gives off that odour is when it isn’t fresh.

A fresh fish has almost no smell at all - buy your fish fresh instead of frozen, and check the packaging dates.

There’s nothing wrong with a fish that isn’t “fresh” but it will give off a strong fishy odour.

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