How do i get rid of excess water in my food while cooking?

I left the pot open but there was still too much water. I turned it up to high heat but the meat started to become dry. Any other suggestions?

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What were you cooking? And how did it become dry if there was too much water?

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hmm, other taking some out I see no other way!
If it was a case of sauce not thickening up then i would have say just let it simmer on a low fire but in your case you are saying that you have too much water, then just dump some out sweetie. no harm no foul!♥

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p.s. never cook any meat on a high fire, it will dry out...always cook stews & meats on a low simmering fire even if it is boiling...just keep it on a low fire to simmer& slow cook.

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Minced meat. I was making shepherd's pie. And meat can become dry even if there's water. At a high temp things become dry.

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Yeah, i kinda learned that the hard way. Luckily this didnt dry out. Thanks, i'll try to just leave it.

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Drain the food to remove any excess water?

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Let it cook down. More the water will evaporate cause of the heat.

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