Describe the smell of the breakfeast cooking!

Ok so...

You are lying in bed when you wake up to the smell of bacon, coffe, and pankaes.. The phone rings and its your frined.. Describe the smell of the breakfeast cooking!

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Honestly, if someone rang me as I woke up to the smell of breakfast cooking, I'd tell them to call back later, or listen to me smack my way through a pile of bacon.

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(drooling) no way to describe it, but delicious

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it smells as if the prettiest pig had been cooked the aroma so sweet of syrup my toes curl,my mouth waters I turn toward the smell that talks to me "come hear" "you hungry?"

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You can hear the bacon sizzling, with just a "hint of maple wafting in the air"'s pretty short and're not going to get a paragraph out of the smell of bacon. :)


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Describing the smell of something is like, impossible! :P Its like trying to describe what its like to sneeze... so, um, gorgeous. ;)

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ummm nothing like the smell of hot toast to make you want some...maybe it's the thought of the butter willingly melting with the heat, or the soft crunchyness...who'd have thought toast could be so yum!

however, I work in a nursing home part time, and I HATE that when the residents get their toast it's been 'kept warm' that's not the goes all hard and crispy...that not what toast is supposed to be's supposed to be soft and crunchy!

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Simply, It smells good, about that friend, no one really calls me before BREAKFAST, So ya, it smells good :)

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it smells wierd hahaha im a freak from outer spce lalalala
im a pig so everyone is insulting me right now GOSH!!!

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It will be yummy..

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