How to tell my Mom I want to convert to Islam?

This is the latest the more I have done research in ISLAM the more it pulls me in…Something in my heart tells me to convert but what is holding me back is telling my mother, because I know my dad will understand..I need help telling my mother my decision!! I dont know how to tell her, when I tried explaining to her the religion she immediately started telling me that its wrong me looking up different religions when I have one already. Which in my opinion I dont feel christian!! what should I do? I need some guidance! someone help me!!

Answer #1

Oh! that is sooo good you are on the right path dont hold backa and listen to anyone trying to stop you. good luck

Answer #2

Hello I’m a 14 yr old muslim boy, Islam is a religion that says that you should give your parents the utmost respect. It’s even stated that the closest place to paradise is below your mothers feet!! (not literally!) If you want to tell you mum that you want to convert sit down one day and discuss it for a long time because I guarantee you there will be misconceptions. In islam we believe that everyone is born a muslim so when you convert you are actually reverting! Your religion won’t put a barrier between you and your mums love. Your mum will understand, because she knows that your decision is educated. You’ll never know untill you tell her. Ooo one more thing your mum might be under the muslim-terrorist stereotype. Don’t let her be because she will think you’ve been brainwashed or something! Thats why I said earlier. Tell your mum about the religion and the reasons you are converting. You should follow your heart, nothing should come in the way of what you believe. The longer you put it off the harder it will become. You’ll never know untill you try.

Inshallah (by Gods will) it will work out.

Answer #3

I will not criticize you, because I respect your right to choose the God you worship freely. However, as a christian, I am commanded by my God to give you a word of warning. Jesus Christ said that he was the son of God, and that he was the only way to heaven. Islam teaches that Jesus is one of the six great prophets, and as such, he cannot lie. Aside from the Bible, many secular writings confirm Jesus’ claim to be God’s son. As a result, you can see where Islamic teaching in the Koran disagrees with itself. I wish that you would become a follower of Jesus Christ, but that choice is yours. I will not think less of you if you should choose to stand against me, I simply urge you to consider the cost of your decision very carefully. I am a follower of Christ, and I have done extensive research on Islam, and I would be happy to answer any questions that you may have. I will give you one challange as well. See of you can disprove what Jesus said. Understand, it is a fact that a man named Jesus from Galilee walked the earth, claimed to be the Son of God, was crucified under Pontius Pilate, and was buried in a tomb beloning to Joseph of Arimathea. All of this has been proven with documentation other than the Bible. Jesus either rose from the grave to sit at the right hand of his father in heaven with all power and glory, or he was a liar. You must choose what you believe. Just understand that just because you think something is right and you believe it, does not make it correct. In Christ, David

Answer #4

okay, I’m not here to tell you what to do. do whatever you want but KNOW what your doing. the muslim religeon is very complicated. they believe in a book that was created by a random man who has NO evvidence of anything he said. no ancient manuscripts. and pulled things from almost every religeon. another thing about muslim religeon, there is NO assurance. christtians believe that Jesus Christ, a man who lived to die for eveyone so that he could pay the price for our sins because no man is perfect, and perfection is the standard for heaven, therefore christ paid our penalty.(biblically) muslims do indeed “believe” the bible to be true but they don’t know what the bible says so they don’t understand the contraditions. muslims also believe that you can lie to the advantage of islam… whcih is scary because anything the wrote in the koran could be lies that are helping the muslim religeon grow.

I don’t remeber a lot of what I learned but I took muslim classes for a while, and I also took an apologets class along with several other religeons…keep your mind open, don’t be bias and .always listen to both sides of the story.

best of luck.

Answer #5

I think that it is great that you want to convert to Islam! I just ask you this: IF YOU DO CONVERT, DO NOT FOLLOW THE TRADITIONAL MUSLIMS!!! THEY ARE CPRRUPTED! JUST GO TO WWW.QURANALONE.COM AND READ WHAT RASHAD SAID! and as for those who think that muslims dont bielive in Jesus, they are wrong. we believe that juses was a prophet and that he brought down the bible (but now the BIble has been corrupted so we dont read it). He is very respected in our religion, but to say he is the son of GOD is just bringing the value of GOD down. quran-

[2:116] They said, “GOD HAS BEGOTTEN A SON!” Be He glorified; never! To Him belongs everything in the heavens and the earth; all are subservient to Him.

[10:68] They said, “GOD HAS BEGOTTEN A SON!” Be He glorified. He is the Most Rich. To Him belongs everything in the heavens and everything on earth. You have no proof to support such a blasphemy. Are you saying about GOD what you do not know?

[37:152] “GOD HAS BEGOTTEN A SON.” Indeed, they are liars.



Answer #6

The sad part is, the scorn you have gotten from a couple people on this board so far is probably similar to what you can expect from your mother. You can ignore them, unfortunately you can’t ignore her.

I wish I could tell you there is an easy way to explain your decision to her, but there isn’t. I feel your pain, because I left the religion my parents follow and it really made us grow apart. She will probably be angry, she may not accept or respect it, and she may make every effort to keep you from converting. But when you tell her, even if she says hurtful things to you, tell her that forgiveness is a virtue both Christians and Muslims teach, and forgive her. That way, even if things get bad, the relationship can remain open.

Also, you can appeal to your father for help, maybe have him there during the discussion. His presence may make the conversation go a little better, or at least prevent things from getting too bad between you and your mother over this.

I hope that helps, and I sincerely wish you the best with this…

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Answer #8

please let god’s will be done in your life , remember that god knows who are his, dont give up, jesus loves you so do I. dont follow people but follow the word of god.

Answer #9

I was lucky…my dad believed “well-rounded” knowledge of all religions made for a better decision when the time came (in his eyes, it was 14), to chose the religion that “fit us best”. He was highly educated, both formally and self taught…He also felt “touched” by Islam, tho he never converted (like this was back in the 40’s).

You are old enough to decide for yourself, what religion fits best FOR YOU. Your mom will get over it, no doubt…Just be sure, within yourself, that your motives are clean…that this conversion isn’t rebellion, or need to shock…Hopefully, your dad will have your back, and help you tell your mom…


Answer #10

just learn the history of early muslims they accepted islam with many problems from there parents be strong enough allah wi hep you

Answer #11

As far as the christianity is concerned. With due respect there have been many changings in BIble by the BiBlical scholars and priests. Jesus Christ came to tell the people about the last prophet and this can be confirmed by the sixth bible which is banned by the church because it tells the truth about Prophet Muhammad S. All the prophets from ADam to Muhammad were Muslims. Jacob, Jesus, Joseph, Moses, David had the same religion Islam.They came for one purpose one basic purpose.To believe in the unity of God and to practice good things so that they could prevent the anger of God and from going to hell and be awarded a place in heaven instead. If Jesus Christ is the son of God then how can God be hanged by men. I have no disrespect for any religion and Islam prohibits the disrespect of other religions. But before saying anything we have to be logical and factual. Islam is the true religion and it can be confirmed by many things. For instance in Quran there is a verse which states that every thing in this universe is in motion. It was revealed 1400 years ago. When there was no technology and there was no rockets and satelites to find out. Where as now science and technology confirmed this truth and many more scientific facts of Quran.Like wise Bible stated that every thing in this universe is motionless. Where is science has proved it wrong. When a philosopher first said this thing in the 15th century that Earth revovles around the sun. HE was executed in the sin of heresy by the extremist christian priests who were ruling there at that time. Many more facts and be unconvered by researching about Islam through the correct sources which are Qurran and the sayings of Prophet S.

Answer #12

IN THE NAME OF ALLAH THE MOST MERCIFUL THE BENEFICIENT Salam I am 23. Islam is a religion in which there is a logic behind every thing. It is not the religion of myths. That is why when people research from the right references like Quran and books of sayings of Prophet Muhammad and their translations and explanations. They are likely to convert to this religion. You should try to find out why your mother dislikes Islam. Then try to find facts and tell her about the media propaganda about Islam and the real truth about this religion. Parents are to be respected in Islam. But if they tell you to worship other idols or concepts other than GOD and Islam you are told to disobey them in that area only.IT is written in Quran. But still respect for parents is must even if they are non muslims and you are muslims. Keep on trying and keep on praying. One day she will be convinced by the grace of God. Other wise you are free to accept Islam without your parents permission because it is the deed which will do good here and in the life hereafter also. Tell her about real Islam. The difference between the original Scripture the Quran and the false teachings of some extremists and some ignorant false scholars. Tell her the facts and God helps those who help them selves. There is a saying of Prophet Muhammad S that “IF a person indulges himself in the works for God then God indulges himself in the works of that person”.

Answer #13

if you believe in some thing you will tell all the world and if you love any one you will not shy to till any one that you in love with him .. may good lead you to the right way that you make your self live in peace

Answer #14

maybe I am late , but this caught my brains. first I am a moslem and I will not advise you to go any furser before you are sure of you are doing.Be prepared of what you are going to face if you converted into islam. You have to take in consider what will happen to your family , friends and your loveones . You have to be sure that nothing is going to happen to your parents if some of them have health problem . If ended up to be a moslem , maybe you shuldn’t tell your parents about it.If I where you , I won’t know what to do because it is a tough situation. And be carful from internet sites because most of them are made to show islam as the bad. Be carefull and think wisely , relegion isn’t that easy , relegion is somthing that is between you and your God(allah), if you want to be a moslem you have to know and learn what is islam is about ,good luck .

Answer #15

sorry ‘’ the name shannahh’’ I don’t know where you get this from but the Quran wasn’t created by a random man who has no evidence,the quran is from god and Prophet mohammed kept it and taught people about it,and its well known that the Quran has an evidence for every word in it,and any well educated muslim can prove every little detail about Quran,and the fact that Islam believe in every religion doesn’t mean that it pulled things from every religion,and who said that muslims don’t know what the Bible says,a lot of muslims know and understand the Bible,and I should say that who lies in Islam is not considered a good muslim,and it is considered as a sin,and our Prophet told us to say the truth even if it led to our death, so I can assure you that Islam didn’t grow with lies but with truth,good luck.

Answer #16

its hard but you can do it, if you really believe that deep inside your heart ,its the way for you, be kind and gentle, and more important be patient, ask your dad for help, and tell your mom that you will always be her beloved daughter no matter what religion you follow, tell her that what really matters is believing in the great God ‘’the creator’’,and that what is islam all about, our hearts are between God’s hands so don’t believe those who tell you that your heart’s choice isn’t God’s choice,it is at least for you,be strong ,god bless you, I wish you all luck.

Answer #17

You weren’t born with a religion. And while your mom can make you participate in her religion, she can’t force you to believe it.

If you are still dependent on your mom, you may be running a risk of pushing the issue. I know that isn’t fair but it is true. Obviously, it’s very scary for her to think of you embracing Islam for whatever reason. But if you decide to tell her anyway, remember that actions speak louder than words. No matter how angry or upset she is now, she will most likely come around later on when she realizes you are the same loving, caring daughter she had before.

I wish you the best of luck.

Answer #18

dont let anyone get in your way when it comes to religion…do what you have to do before its too late…I hope you make the right choice(convert to islam;))…may god be with you:D

take it easy^^ cya;)

Answer #19

I know people that converted to islam, yousif estetes or somthing around that, he was a christian that converted into islam, look him up in youtube

Answer #20

I cant believe people trying to make you stay christian. I am christian and I believe in God and Jesus, but I also believe that every individual has their right to choose their religion. I say as long as you have something to believe in. tell your mom your reasonings. but I do agree, you should have your dad with you to back you up. its your choice, not hers. good luck!

Answer #21

Religion is strictly between you and God.As someone stated,’DO YOU BELIVE IN JESUS CHRIST’?so do WE-WE belive in Hazrat Maryam[Virgin Mary] and Hazrat Isa[Jesus].Our belief differs when it comes to question if he is the ‘Son of God’ or not.Our religion says that ‘God has neither a mother or father or brother or sister,wife nor children.’ So really!Its totally up to you. But think carefully once again.Its wrong to shift religions like hobbies.

Answer #22

If you don’t believe who the Bible says Jesus Christ is - the decision should be easy for you.

Answer #23

you must to be stong to tell her your dicision ,and be sure (allah) will be with you ,becouse you take the best dicision . I am very proud of you.

Answer #24

Just tell her. Im an Islam, from I was born. maybe you should just convert to Islam later when you’re older(more)

Answer #25

Pray to God for guidance and help. God’s guidance will help show you the best way to talk to your mom about it.

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