What is best to control cat litter odor?

Answer #1

There are certain litter boxes you can buy, such as “The BREEZE Litter System”. Odor Control: system separates urine for outstanding odor control. Anti-Tracking: cat friendly BREEZE Litter Pellets stay in the cat litter box, leaving your floors clean and litter-free. Clean and Easy: BREEZE Cat Pads absorb urine odor for up to one week for one cat. Check out the link: http://funadvice.com/r/14jh3hkugu5

Also, you can put a small trash can by the litter box for waste, and use baking soda for the odor. Simply put a small trash can, with a bag, beside or near your litter box. Sprinkle baking soda in the bottom of the back to soak up odors, and each time you scoop the litter, throw a short dusting of baking soda on top of it. You can leave a bowl of baking soda beside the litter box to help trap odors, as well.

Make sure you regularly clean you litter box, and the area around it. Scoop the waste every day, vacuum scattered litter, changed the trash bag at least once a week, change the litter regularly, etc…

Hope this helped! Good Luck! :)

Answer #2


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