Getting cat urine odor out of the carpet?

does anyone know the best solution to get cat urine odor out the carpet?

Answer #1

Another vote here for Nature’s Miracle. Most pet stores have it or another brand of enzyme cleaner (Nature’s Miracle is probably the best, but the cheaper equivalent brands usually work well too). It actually breaks down the stain to get the odor all the way out. They are also not usually perfumed, so they don’t stink up the place themselves.

Look for the stuff that’s just for cats. The regular stuff will work fine, but the stuff that’s specially formulated for cat urine actually works better.

I’ve also found that diluting it a bit with water actually helps a little. I don’t know why, but it does.

Answer #2

The new products magichalo is talking about are the enzyme type products…they break down the order enzymes in urine and feces…with cat urine, I’d go to a COMMERCIAL carpet cleaner, and buy a product from them…they usually have the best stuff, because their living depends on it.


Answer #3

You could try bi-carb soda but you may have to get the carpets cleaned. Sprinkle the bi-carb onto the affected area and leave for a few hours. then vacume off.

Answer #4

I think the only true way to do it is to replace the carpet. But there are new products on the market now???

Answer #5

I recommend Nature’s Miracle. It is enzyme-based and works well for cat and dog odors.

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