do cats control their tail?

do they, or is it just happening 4 them?

Answer #1

Absolutely…that tail is a big part of their “language”…body language, that is…that tail is talkin, all the time.

Answer #2

yeah they control them. I dont know why they always twithc one time I held down my cats tell cause it kept twitching and she got really mad! lol

Answer #3

They control their tails, and as a matter of fact, there is a lot of communication made with their tails (just like dogs, only the signals are different).

Answer #4

They control them…until you literally scare the crap out of them and that tail goes straight up, poofier than a skunk’s.

Answer #5

They control them, it’s way clever :)

Answer #6

yes they do bealvie me I use to have hundreds of cats because my mom would sell them

Answer #7

They control it. It’s not like it has a mind of it’s own…

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