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I'm looking for a type of contraception that won't change my moods, I've taken the pill and been on the patch.. Both worked but made me unbarable to be around with my constant temper. Does anyone know if the injection does the same? And is it bad for my fertility in the long run?

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The injection/shot is still a hormonal option so it could affect your moods. Birth control options are pretty safe nowadays and it shouldn't effect your fertility. You might look into the copper IUD (paraguard)

The copper IUD is a T-shaped plastic frame with two threads attached. It's inserted into the uterus to prevent pregnancy. Once in place, it inhibits fertilization, as the IUD impedes the sperm's journey to the fallopian tubes. If fertilization occurs, the device prevents the embryo from attaching to the uterine wall. ParaGard also slowly releases copper, which inactivates the sperm in the cervical mucus.

The effectiveness rate for the copper IUD is between 99.2 percent and 99.4 percent, meaning that six to eight women out of 1,000 who use it for one year will get pregnant. The copper IUD may remain in place for up to 10 years.



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I'm on the injection now. I was on the pill for 3 months and I defiantly know the mood changes. I've been on the shot for 7 years ( off and on) and I like it and no mood changes, but hot flashes yes, I get them too. No mood changes and trust me, I have a bad temper too. I wouldn't advice anyone to stay on the shot pass 2 years b/c I don't know about it hindering fertility, but the reccommended time is 2 years.

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I was on injections and they didn't do anything to my mood as far as I know. Each person is different. I knew of someone who was once on them and she was extremely moody. If the pill and patch did this to you then this may not be any different. I don't want more children so I can't tell you if it hinders fertility too much. I can tell you I did have hot flashes really bad while on the injection method.

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