Is minerva-35 a contraceptive?

the doctor put me on a birthcontrol (minerva-35) for my acne problem

she said it was a mild birth control

can it be used as a contraceptive, to prevent pregnancy?

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Unless it is marketed and prescribed to you as a form of birth control, it is very unwise to count on not getting knocked up.

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actually contraception and birth control is the same thing. That being said, I wouldnt recommend you relying on a pill your doctor gave you for acne to prevent pregnancy without talking to her first as a lot of things can interfere with the way oral contraceptives work.

I am on Minerva but...?

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yes and no
its a birth control, not a contraceptive
a contraceptive is something like condoms or female condoms, ect
if its mild it will work but pobably not as much as something else
so it would be good to use extra protection and use a condom as well
theyll also help prevent your from stds and stis

Is minerva a birth control

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