Why do I constantly feel lethargic and struggle to wake up?

Okay so recently for about a month i constantly feel lazy, tired and i can never be bothered to do anything, i also constantly feel cold and i get pins and needles very often. I use to go to bed at like 3 in the morning and now i go to bed at about 11 yet i found it easier to wake up when i use to go to bed so late but in the mornings i just feel like it is impossible to get up and that i can’t move resulting in me constantly being late for school. Whenevr i sit down for like 10 minutes without moving my feet i get pins and needles. Also im ALWAYS COLD like my friends will be hot but il complain about freezing my bum offf! Do you think there is a way i could stop these things, especially the mornings - i need to start being able to wake up.

Answer #1

Go see your doctor. It sounds like you have some sort of infection, that would certainly explain the feeling cold all the time and the pins and needles as well as your exhaustion. I get exactly the same symptoms when I have kidney or bladder infections (I never have any of the primary symptoms). You might need some blood and urine tests to determine what it is that you have.

Answer #2

What does Lethargic mean?

Answer #3

I didn’t think it would be that serious. I hope its nothing too huge. Thanks though.

Answer #4

Lazy, exhausted.

Answer #5

Ohhh :( I hope you don’t have a severe infection!! D:

Answer #6

Maybe you need to eat healthier. More often. like fruits and vegies and carbs that give you a healthy energy without weighing you down. Whole grains and wheats. Your being cold all the time could be due to that or bad blood circulation.

Answer #7

I constantly eat fruits, its like 70% of what i eat. I also drink 4 litres of water a day ><

Answer #8

maybe some more carbs ??? healthy carbs. like whole grains. Im not sure stefie. I think you should bring this to the attention of your doctor though. as it may be serious and a drain on you

Answer #9

problem possible reason

cold = female (sorry it’s true) tired = the more sleep you get the more you want (truth) pins and needles = poor blood flow eat more vitamins

Answer #10

You’re welcome, it could be any type of bacteria or virus though.

Answer #11

It sounds very much like you could have a mild case of anemia. I was born with anemia but anyone can suffer from it. It is a blood disorder in which your iron levels drop and leave you with the symptoms you’re experiencing The positive side is that for people who suffer mildly it is easily fixed. Get yourself down the doctors for a blood test and in the meantime eat foods high in iron, spinach is a good one but even better are pumpkin seeds. You can get them from any good supermarket, if I’m having a bad day I roast them in the oven for five minutes with a little salt. They taste great and can relieve the symptoms quite quickly. This isnt a short term fix, you will need to incorporate a little more iron in your diet on a regular basis.

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