What conditions can cause you to feel hungry very frequently?

and quite soon after consuming a calorie-dense meal, even a high fat meal?

Answer #1

The most common cause is intestinal parasites- a stool exam will identify the cause.

Answer #2

I doubt that intestinal parasites is the most common cause in Atlanta Georgia.

Answer #3

Frequent hungry condition is of diabetes sign.Please check up youe blood sugar level , fasting and post lunch in a clinical laboratory.Better you consult a physician..

Answer #4

There are many conditions that can cause frequent hunger pangs including: Depression - which includes Seasonal Affective Disorder (very common at this time of year) Diabetes ( types 1 & 2 ); Nicotine withdrawal (after stopping the smoking of tobacco); Side effect of use of Cannabis; Bulimia; Pregnancy.

Do any of those seem like they might be possible ?

– Best wishes - Majikthise.

Answer #5

May be there are many conditions as you suggested. I am not a medical doctor.I have written only with my past experience

Answer #6

Thank you! No I don’t think I’ve got worms…

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