does anyone know the cause to feeling air trapped in your ear?

I occasionally get the feeling that there is air trapped in my ear at random times. It just feels like air is blowing around when I move or contract a muscle near my ear. plugging my nose and blowing to ‘pop’ my ears doesnt help. the feeling usually goes away on its own but sometimes takes a long time and its really annoying. does anyone know how to get it to stop or what causes it? thanks

Answer #1

You may have water trapped in your outer ear. That happened to me a lot when I was younger - from swimming, diving, showering, or bathing. All ear canals have a dip in them - mine was a bit more pronounced. All ear canals produce a ‘wax’ - and mine buildup was more than normal (due in part to the pronounced dip. The two together tended to make it difficult to get water out.

If it gets bad you may have to get your health provider to assist. Good Luck!!

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