Why did my computer just randomly start making this loud buzzing noise, and then freeze up?

It wouldn’t even let me restat or shut down, so I had to just press the power off button.

This happened right after I installed Avast, or when I was installing Avast.

Now, I don’t think Avast installed properly, because the icon on my desktop is just a piece of paper as opposed to the Avast icon, and when I go to uninstall avast, so I can reinstall it again, it won’t let me, and it says please wait until other programs are finished installing or something.

Can anyone help me out, and tell me what the problem is…and what I can do to fix it?

It’s a brand new laptop, with Window 7 if that helps.

Answer #1

Perhaps it is overheating?

Answer #2

I added some details.

Answer #3

Well, first of all congrats on the new lappy!!! might be something didnt install correctly since u were able to reconnect & be here with us.

now, I would suggest going into the control panel…then go into add/remove programs…and just uninstall it. once it does restart the computer.

Instead of using Avast, try using Avira…(it’s also free) I seemed to be having issues using avast too on my mothers computer. BTW, make sure you also have a spyware program as well. Personally I use Spybot(search & destroy) and run it once a week then my antivirus just to keep malware/spyware & all kinds of crap out of the comp…especially when surfing the net…entering sites you dont know if may be full of crap you dont want. once you have updated & ran those programs always make sure you do a tiny restart to make sure everything is working smoothly!

other then that I think you should be just fine…lots of ♥ hope this helped.

Answer #4

Well, mine did that right before the harddrive broke

Answer #5

really should have listened to me when i said AVG. lol

im guessing your fan/s are kicking in and are faulty or as dan said your hdd is running into trouble and cant keep up.

if it is teh case then its already bust. the installation of a programme would not make the fans randomly kick in or break a hdd.

1st stress your hdd as this will iron out if it is indeed the harddrive. i would suggest 3dmark06 but you can also just defrag it. what happened?

do this after: right click computer - properties - [left hand side select] system protection - system restore: now restore to the recommend point or choose your own.

its a pain in the arse cus if i was sitting with it id know straight away what was wrong with it pulls hair

Answer #6

Are you serious? I just got the laptop like a month ago, brand new!!!

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