What would you wish for if you had only one wish and 30 minutes to live (it can't be money)?

Answer #1

gay sex.

ive swore to try everything once before i die and 30 minutes will do the trick.

Answer #2

World peace for sure. Sounds lame but i’d do it

Answer #3

To have all of my loved ones with me, so I could tell them all just how much I love them.

Lame, I know, but my loved ones are more important to me than any experience or thing.

Answer #4

I guess I’d wish that the minutes in “30 minutes to live” would change and be 30 000 000 minutes instead. But then I’d be beyond 100 yrs when I die. :-P

Answer #5

Ok!nw thats scary

Answer #6

It znt lame its @wesome!;-)thanks dude:-*

Answer #7

I could also wish the minutes become years, but then I’d be 59 when I die, which I think is too young. ……. 30 000 000 minutes is approximately 78 years and that would make me 107 because I’m 29 now. I’m not sure I want to live that long. But it’s better than dying now or at 59.

Answer #8

The power to control time. Or… CHOCOLATE! :D

Answer #9


Answer #10

thats sortof cheatiing.. oldest trick in the book :)

Answer #11

fly!!!!!!!!!! superman!!

Answer #12

MATTY…(shocked) (o , 0) Cheating is one thing…but with a man no less…:(

Answer #13

I have to agree! no it isnt lame…it’s real…Affection…what this world lacks…real unconditional love…

Answer #14

If someone gave me that choice then they are threatening to kill me. I would definitely try all that I can do to cheat myself out of the situation. It’s not a fair choice to make, or is it?

Answer #15

sex. i’ve promised to save my virginity for marriage. so yeah, i would want to have sex

Answer #16

right!! anything to survive…yeh?? but doubt the killer would buy that!! speaking of which.. i am now googling some good real ways to get out of such gory situation..:) u never know!!!

Answer #17

Yes! :D My too! lol. :DD

Answer #18

I would wish to have endless wishes!! :DD And the first would be 4 me to not die in 30 mins but aftr I lived my complete life! :D And then the rest r not so important but if u have1 wish with no rules then I would get myself out of the 30 hole. lol. ;D

Answer #19

Skydiving baby!

Answer #20

k… ill take u with me!! hold on tight !! :)

Answer #21

= D

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