What would your one wish be?

if you could have on ewish what would it be? and there are no rules for these wishes or anyhting!

Answer #1

To win the lottery! :) And to never have to pay bills or make house payments anymore!

Answer #2

I’m going with filletofspam! I’d wish for an infinite amount of wishes!

Answer #3

To be happy and love myself no matter what. Another one, to be a regular weight and stay that way. And one more, to find the love of my life. (which has yet to be done…I don’t want to live a lonely life)

Answer #4

thatwe would finally have a president that does what they say they will and who will change our world for the better. oh another wish would be that we would live by love and not have so much hatred in the world, like people would be more accepting of eachother

Answer #5

air conditioning!!!really that is so selfish because some people can’t even live in their house right now because of all the flooding…so I should just shut up…

Answer #6

to be happy with everything and never feel sad that way my happiness would not be tied to anything material and so I’d never want and so, I would love life

Answer #7

To be a Super saiyan and to have be a singer,and to be with my girl at anytime and especially when she needs me and to be able to paint and draw like a pro or better and to just have $100,000,000 in the bank for emergencys needed for family b/c I won’t need it I’ll be a singer lmao and to go past my HS and college classes in 3years so I have more free time but still get a great Education

Answer #8

to be famous. (;

Answer #9

more wishes!!!

Answer #10

to have never ending wishes and make as many as I want!!

Answer #11

I would wish that nothing was ever wrong with my kids (health wise)

Answer #12

To have magical powers, but no villains.

Answer #13

see my grandpa again…

me and my boy actually be allowed to be together.

Answer #14

I would wish for an infinite number of wishes.

Answer #15

To have a lot of self confidence

Answer #16

To find him.

Answer #17

to beable to fly fast!

Answer #18

To be normal like everyone else

Answer #19

to be able to stop time/rewind time. ahh that would be so awesome.

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