If you had one wish...what would it be?

I dunno what I would wish for…A dog…David Boreanaz…For Buffy the Vampire Slayer and everything in it to be real…lol

What about you?

Answer #1

I’d wish for unlimited wishes :D

Answer #2

I would wish 4… everyone I and the world 2 get along.. yea… like no prejudice, no war, no “ she said or he said” = blah,blah, blah etc.

Answer #3

I think if I could just get through my life with minimal problems and die at an old age with a special someone that would be enough for me

Answer #4

I was going to say the same thing- unlimited wishes. then I would wish for an island of my own- and the rest of my wishes would be private and unprintable for here.

Answer #5

yeaah id wish for unlimited wishes, and then I would wish I could fly(:

Answer #6

I’d wish for 7 more wishes.

Answer #7

I would wish for 100 wishes and then the first thing I would wish for is magic powers.

Answer #8

to be a vampire to live forever and robert pattinson lol im obsessed with vampires

Answer #9

to be in my baby’s arms forever and ever in our own little world like if you have ever been high and hugged someone it is amazing.

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