One magical wish

Say you could have one magical wish. What would it be and why ??

Me, I’d want to grow wings. Big white feathered wings like an angel. =p

Answer #1

For Obama to win. Or for all the forests burned down from wild fires to all grow back. Or to make gasoline plentful. Idunno.

Answer #2

I pretty much agree with a couple of the above posts. This world has seemingly become ‘out of control’ in many ways. Therefore, I too would wish for a peaceful, healthier, world. Where all could live in peace and people would be respected for whom they are, etc.

Answer #3

Make this world a better, safer and cleaner place for all.

Answer #4

for peace on earth.

Answer #5

Health for my entire family.

Answer #6

Make gasoline plentiful??? Nooo…being able to use sea water to drive engines would be better.

A magical wish?…To create a way for humans to prosper without war and environment destruction.

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