Blackberry Pearl messed up!!!

My blaclberry pearl is acting weoird… everytime I try to call someone it goes beeep and it says emergency calls only! I don’t know WHY!! I tried taking the battery out… and leaving it out for a few minutes.. DOESNT WORK! How do I fix this???!!!

Answer #1

At the bottom of my clock it says instert sim card.. so I think that is the problem

Answer #2

Go to the shop and see what they say. Yeh I agree with the other comment, it could be your sim, try taking it out and putting it in again making sure it’s the right way and everything

Answer #3


Answer #4

If it’s saying emergency calls only then it means you have no signal on your phone. Has this happened recently or has it been this was since you got the phone?

Answer #5

Then maybe you should call or go to the store you got it from, but its something to do with the signal. Can you text/recieve texts?

Answer #6

Well.. I can but it has a little clock next to it instead of the check mark its sopoused to have after I send a text I can recive them though

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