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my sons eating habit

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I got a 2 year old son at home and ever since he was born he got very bad colic and we changed his milk so much to find the right one that would help him to keep his food down, ever since that he was not a good eater but the last few months he has got worse he has not put an weight on in the last 6 months, he is still in 12-18 mnts clothes since last summer and we dread when it comes to dinner time as he takes a couple of bites of dinner and then leaves it all he wants is drinks, sweets, biscuits and chocolate but he dont get that much off us maybe only a couple of chocky biscuites a day its my fiances parents that give him all the sweets he wants even when we tell them not to and they even give him tea and coffee from there cups to drink every time he is with them when he comes home they say he got nothing but the smell of chocolate off his breath is rotten he is on a tonic at the moment is there anything that we can do to get him to eat he is back up to the health clinic again shortly for his 2 year checkup and we are worried that he will be the same since we were up there last time 6 mnts ago but the thing is that he is so full of life there is no stoping him we dont know where he gets his energy from he tires us out he goes so much and sorry for going on so much just needed to tell all the facts.