Would i be able to check myself into rehab while I'm in school?

Or would i have to take time off?

Answer #1

Rehab is generally a very expensive 30-day commitment. my guess it you would not be able to leave if you did check into rehab, so you would have to take time off. I’ve never been though, so I’m not 100% sure.

Answer #2

Rehab implies an inpatient program. So you have to take time off. Also, at 17 I dont know if you can check yourself in. The only way to do it and stay in school would be an outpatient program. Check with your state laws, but odds are you will need parental permission. Also they’re not exactly cheap.

Answer #3

Money isnt a problem.

Answer #4

There are 12-step programs that are free and are out-patient. Contact AA to see what would be best for you. Good Luck!!

Answer #5

im not an alcoholic.

Answer #6

I know this doesn’t answer your question but why do you need rehab?

Answer #7

It depends how serious the rehab is, and what it is for. Some rehabilitation centers have bi-weekly meetings for certain areas of rehab, whereas others are strict programs, some making you live there for a month or so, depending on the program. It just all depends on what you are going to rehab for, and what severity of the thing is.

Answer #8

Well rehab generally has the best results. Otherwise there are intensive outpatient programs. All this will depend of course on whatever they think is best. You should go in see a psychiatrist who specializes in substance abuse. The reason a psychiatrist and not a therapist is because a psychiatrist is a medical doctor and will be able to give you the medical side of it (for example if detox is necessary). For teens they have special programs that involve family therapy, since 12 steps havent been found to be as effective.

Answer #9

I know when you here AA you automatically think it’s just for drinking, but it’s not. It’s for any type of substance abuse. I know a lot of people in drug court who are ordered to AA and they won’t touch alcohol.

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