What are the chances of schizophrenia being passed on to the schizophrenic's first child?

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the propensity of schizophrenia can be hereditary, It's certainly not a 100% thing. I think schizophrenia is something that is developed over the course of life. Ive never heard of a diagnosed schizophrenic toddler.

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Schizophrenia is becoming an outdated term, as more and more intricate details of the human mind are discovered and researched. Mental illness is an extraordinarily complex phenomenon, and as the field of it's study expands, the old terminology becomes obsolete.

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There does seem to be a genetic component to schizophrenia, but there is no single cause of it and there are both genetic and environmental factors. Having a family history of it can mean a person is more susceptible. The disorder most commonly develops around the early 20's, or a bit later in women.

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