what are my chances of getting pregnant and being hiv positive

I have 2 kids already my first one I was HIV negative and my second one I found out that I was HIV positive, I had a c section with him I split from my husband and remarried now we want to have a child together and we are having trouble so what can we do to get pregnant the normal way

Answer #1

I am completely confused. If your husband is not HIV positive, there is nothing you can do to get pregnant the ‘normal’ way and not risk him contracting HIV if he does not already have it. You can try artificial insemination to protect him

As for the child, the risk of the baby getting it is about 1 in 3… It’s great and all that you got lucky once, but that risk is higher than the risks in russian roulette.

Answer #2

im not too worried about the baby being born with hiv because like I said I was pregnant when I found out I was hiv positive and my son doesnt have hiv, I took medication and had a c-section to make sure my baby would be fine

Answer #3

what if its born hiv positive? theres always a chance.

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