do you celebrate christmas or hanaka?

Answer #1

i celebrate christmas. and my family doesnt open presents on christmas, cuz we celebrate Jesus’ birthday. we actually open presents on new years eve. that way we can focus on our family and friends and stuff, but focus on Jesus on christmas.

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Answer #3

X,mas …………..pwezziez

Answer #4

and i think its Hanukkah not hanaka:)

Answer #5

oh my bad…thx!!!!

Answer #6

thx holy man.

Answer #7

Christmas :)

Answer #8

Christmas :)

Answer #9

welcome (I used my calendar to know how to spell it) haha:)

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Answer #11

Christams!!!!On Christams Eve My dad’s side of they family meet at someone’s house and we all have to bring a dish,and if you don’t bring anythin yo don’t eat thing! >:DDD And yea we give out gifts or money.Then put then under our tree and open them the next day!:] I want the Drangon Ball Z Buu Saga For Christams….or a Hamster.

Answer #12

My family doesn’t really celebrate Christmas, more of we go out and buy stuff on sale.

Answer #13

Boxing Day? :D

Answer #14

i dont beleive in any god, but i celebrate christmas

Answer #15

I celebrate Chris because its the birth of baby Jesus.

Answer #16

dunno.. i dont celebrate santa, i celebrate Jesus

Answer #17

I think Im going to be the first person here to say that I celebrate Chanukkah (Hanukkah) because im a Jew

Answer #18

I don’t celebrate neither. its funny that people say i celebrate christmas because its Jesus brithday but NOWhere in the bible does it say he was born in december 25. so i have no idea were people say get it from.

Answer #19

Don’t Celebrate Christmas - It’s origins are Pagan. I don’t celebrate Hanuka either - just because I’m not Jewish. But I keep the 8 Feasts of the Bible…..Because some of them has not been fulfilled yet…but soon will. [link removed]

Answer #20

Neither! I celebrate Eid, which is the “Muslim Christmas” :D

Answer #21

Neither! I celebrate Eid, which is the “Muslim Christmas” :D

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