Is it possible to be an athiest and still celebrate christmas?

like, can u still celebrate christmas if your just doing it for the presents, food, and family time, and your reason for celebrating it has nothing to do with “god”?

Answer #1

Course you can! That’s what we do every year. :)

Answer #2

Sure you can- there are not enough days in the year when you can celebrate family and friends.

Answer #3

Yes. Many things about Christmas have pagan origins, so it’s not an exclusively Christian holiday. As for atheists…I consider myself a fairly religion-friendly atheist. I think religion is interesting to study as a part of human biological and social evolution. I can appreciate some of the works of literature and architecture that religion has inspired. And, I participate in some holidays that have religious significance for many people. Christmas is a cultural phenomenon, and I enjoy a lot of the holiday’s festivity. Besides, anybody who has ever been to Germany during the Christmas season knows the German Weihnachtsmarkt, or Christmas Markets, are not to be missed!

Answer #4

Yes, many people who aren’t Christian celebrate Christmas

Answer #5

Absolutely. I always have. We can celebrate the season of good cheer and happy times. Also, my group has Solstice parties in both winter AND summer.

Answer #6

Christmas doesn’t have a lot to do with “God” anymore. I think that was lost long ago and heck if you want to get technical its pretty well be proven by historians that Jesus was not born in December.

I do not celebrate Christmas, but I celebrate the Winter Solstice/Yule which is a celebration of love and life. I don’t think it matters what religion your are or if you are no religion, the concept of Christmas is worldwide. It was celebrated long before any organized religion was around and it is something special that we can all share in. Its a good time to put aside our petty prejudices and love our fellow mankind.

Answer #7

Yes, in fact alot of them do. I myself am an athiest and ive always celebrated Christmas and looked forward to it each year. It doesnt have to have religious aspects to it. Its just a holiday to enjoy and spend time with family. We still decorate our home, put up a christmas tree, hang stockings, tell our sons about santa clause, watch christmas movies, and spend the day with family and friends and open presents. Its the same with Easter, since i have children i also celebrate easter. Just because i dont celebrate the religious aspect of it, doesnt mean i dont want my kids to have that experience. Hunting eggs, believeing in the easter bunny, and dinner with famiily is fun for any religion.

Answer #8

saturnailia is what it was called…see what happen was at the council of azra constantine pilate called a meeting and a vote was cated on is jesus who he said he was and all this and thats where religions broke out…….so what happened a huge contest see who could draw the most into there church ..well christianity said we will go to those that the other want so they went to the pagans and said look you guys can bring your triditions into the church we will adopt them and stuff long as you come to our service…….thats pretty much what it was……even sooo i still do not understand how one can call themselves a christian and celebrate christmas when it was a horrible pagan event….besides christ was not even born near christmas…says in the bible early autum because the shepards were still in the fields….wtf does santa clause even gotta do with anything….easter lol rabbits and eggs. thanksgiving is the worst… its about being thankful….well thanksgiving actually was horrible…. see after the big feast with the indians we slaughtered them right there ya dont learn that junk in school.. why u think when people on death row they get a last meal lol……also…. only thing christians in the bible celebrated was the wine and bread……. only 2 holidays were mentiond and those were birthdays and both accounts people were beheaded soo lol ya

Answer #9

When I was a lad I watched a Garner Ted Armstrong show about the pagan origins of Christmas; his burning question was if God was happy that Christians still celebrated a thinly veiled pagan holiday. I remember thinking to myself that as soon as everyone learned about this that people would stop celebrating Christmas. Turns out I was wrong, Nobody really cares. Christians simply ignore that it is largely a pagan celebration while atheists simple ignore that it is a pagan celebration hijacked by Christianity.

We use it as a reason to spend time with family, gorge ourselves on good food, and make magic for our kids.

Answer #10

Oh ya Christmas is pretty much a secular holiday now

Answer #11

yes the person can if they want to but if your athiest why not be it all the way? you can spend time with your family any other time?

Answer #12

Is it possible to get drank every other day and still be a christian

Answer #13

sorry i meant: drunk

Answer #14

Yeah! I am atheist and celebrate Christmas. You could be Buddhist and celebrate Hannukah (spelled it wrong?)!

Answer #15

why not its the american way

Answer #16

Obviously not a true christian.

Answer #17

of course, thanks for the remark,i was just using the same phrasing of the question at the heading

Answer #18

Of course. Is important to remember that xmas doesnt mean the same thing to everybody, to me its about celebrating a change in seasons and being with family (although im not an athiest, im just not xtian). So yes athiests celebrate xmas

Answer #19

Hi there. I liked the picture of your profile. Pretty simbolic, isn’t it?

Answer #20

Why just many things about Christmas have pagan origins? I would say all of it, am i wrong?

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