Catholic by Birth, Athiest by Choice

How do I tell my mom I do not want to be catholic anymore she wants me to finish out until I am 18 and that goes against the constiution of the us she forces me to be catholic. help!!!

Answer #1

You are absolutely free to decide what you will do about Jesus - one either accepts or rejects - your choice - it doesn’t change the fact, all of our choices have consequences…Take care !!

Answer #2

first off, obviosly dont listen to the religiouse people telling you to think otherwise that the things about them, it doesnt mater who you are (even murderes, ect) all you have to do is want to be “saved” and that makes everything okay …well no it desnt, and no I dont beleive in god you have the right to beleive in whatever you want to its your right knowone knows if your mum will accept that, but you need to and you should tell her beleiving in nothing doesnt make you any less human, nor should it make you feel like you have to hide your feelings from other people sit her down when shes alone and not busy, and tell her your reasons explain why you are an athiest and why you arnt a christien and tell her thats its okay, because you have a right to beleive in whatever you want

Answer #3

well unless in your heart that you believe in god and that he sent his son to die on the cross and that jesus rose from the dead 3 days later- than you arn’t a believer (catholic) religion or having a relationship with god is something that you choose not something that you are. I think that you should look back at why you don’t believe and then make a decision from there. your belief in god is in your heart its not something that you are bron into. god is amazing- rethink all the blessings that you have. and if its about religion for you rethink too. I totally believe in god but I dont follow a certain religion I just know that jesus died for me so I could have a second chance when I made a mistake. by living for god you get that second chance–and scecond chances are BIG especiaLLY IN THE WORLD THAT WE LIVE IN.

god bless

Answer #4

You are only 16 and a half. Until you are 18 your mother has the right to tell you what to do (not necessarily what to believe) and it is not against the US Constitution.

It is a sign of courtesy and respect that you follow her wishes until you are 18.

Answer #5

If you don’t believe in what the catholic church teaches, you already are no longer catholic. You don’t have to do anything formal to stop believing.

If your mother makes you go to church no matter what, it won’t change the fact that you don’t believe. If it will cause too much stress for you, don’t tell her. Once you are 18 she cannot make you do anything.

Answer #6

just tell her its your choice now your of age its not up to her aney moor so just tell her its ok if you dont want to be a catholic if you dont like it I was catholic and I told my familey I dident want to be aney more and thay were ok with it its all good now she might be mad at first but shill get over it its what a cathlic dose part of them is forgetting

Answer #7

you’re 17? go until you are 18. then stop. my father and I had the same deal. I didn’t want to attend temple (jewish) and he wanted me to attend until I was 16 (age of confirmation). I was confirmed, then stopped. you only have a year with your mom. then you have the rest of your life to do what you want. I know this is against what you feel like now and my advice would probably be different if you were 12 or 13 and had years in front of you. you can do a year easy.

Answer #8

Write a letter to your diocese and the parish in which you were baptised formally renouncing your faith and denouncing your association with the Catholic church, requesting excommunication.

Don’t ask your mom for permission to do this, and don’t tell her about it until after it’s done. You will be officiallly noncatholic after that and no longer elligible for the sacraments, regardless of what your mom says.

Answer #9

she cant make you be catholic…its your choice on what you want to be…u dont have to believe in anything you dont want to… you have a mind of your own so use it! ever since I was young I was methodist… I dont go to church now nor do I care to go…acutally… I dont know what to beleive…but I no this much I told my parents it was my choice whether I was to go to church or not…I mean what are they going to do..pick you up and put you in the car and then carry you into hope this helps

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Answer #11

you should ask God for help :D

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